29 March 2023

LOVE Party co-creators Lynn Irving, Julie Tasker and Rachel Elnaugh are interviewed by Nick at UNWASHED


29 March 2023

Julie Tasker’s Mayor of Mansfield promo video is released.


21 March 2023

LOVE Party co-creators Lynn Irving, Julie Tasker and Rachel Elnaugh were interviewed by Sofia Mona Lisa ~ with the focus on the Party’s astrology.



10 March 2023

LOVE Party co-founder Julie Tasker interviewed on Mansfield Radio re: her campaign to be elected as Mayor of Mansfield.

6 March 2023

Dr Lynn Irving being interviewed on RISE radio 


3 March 2023

Lynn Julie and Rachel were interviewed by Caroline Ryan for her ‘Heart Lead Humanity’ interview series:


14 February 2023

On Valentine’s Day we were interviewed by Richard Vobes

9 February 2023

Brian Gerrish of UK Column interviewed the LOVE Party co-founders Lynn Irving, Julie Tasker and Rachel Elnaugh.  This was our first major interview and it opened the floodgates of new Members and other interview requests.

We are aware that several alleged ‘Freedom Movement’ activists have publicly criticised UK Column for interviewing us ~ for reasons we remain perplexed by.  We are extremely grateful for the support of Brian and his team.

31 January 2023

LOVE Party co-founder Rachel Elnaugh is interviewed on the Richie Allen Show ~ at 22 minutes in.


23 January 2023

The LOVE Party was launched.  Here is our ‘birthchart’…

The Party’s astrology was subsequently analysed by Sofia Mona Lisa (see 21 March 2023 video interview)