Dr Lynn Irving-LOVE is standing for Rushcliffe. Read her election address at

Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE is standing for Derbyshire Dales.  Read her election address at

Roger JAMES is standing for York Central.  Read his election address at:

There are many other Independent candidates standing all across the UK to challenge the Party Political system…




Do you realise that if the 74.2%* who have lost faith/interest in the political system decided to vote for Independent candidates who truly stood for the People (rather than WEF aligned Big Corporate interests) that the old two-Party dominated political system would be swept away overnight?

Although LOVE (Liberation Opportunity Vitality Empowerment) started out with the intention of becoming a registered Political Party, we quickly realised that the Electoral Commission is no longer fit for purpose and that we would be far more powerful operating as a wave of Independent candidates rather than as a Political Party.

Here’s the result of the Members’ Poll on the matter:

That’s why we have now evolved into a movement, encouraging everyone who stands for the LOVE values to gather their local community groups and select a candidate happy to stand as an Independent in the 2024 General Election.  We will support you in every way we can ~ including with the financial costs.

We’re also formulating ‘The People’s Charter of Inalienable Rights for the 21st Century’ which will be our election promise rather than any Manifesto. View this here


It’s time to stand for LOVE (Liberation, Opportunity, Vitality, Empowerment)

LOVE is not marshmallow soft and ‘fluffy’.

LOVE is the lioness fiercely defending her cubs.

LOVE is the evolved masculine ~ teaching his children to stand strong in the face of intimidation and bullying.

*the percentage of the Electorate who did not exercise their right to vote in the Stretford and Urmston by-election December 2022


… from the False Matrix which is fabricated from FEAR. Extricating ourselves from the influence of unelected worldwide non-Governmental organisations (WEF, WHO etc.) which are funded by big corporate interests. 


The realisation that, with sufficient clarity and sustained focus of intention, everything is possible. Abundance is the natural order of life.   Creating a society where every person is encouraged and has the right to thrive.


Re-imagining society with the aim of healing at every level.  When we restore our connection to Nature and bring our bodies back into harmonic resonance, the result is radiant health. A new ‘Natural Healing Service’ based NHS.


A Party created by the People for the People looking after the interests of the People.  Awareness of our Common Law Rights and the commitment to cause no harm, injury or loss to our fellow man or woman.

At the heart of the LOVE (Liberation Opportunity Vitality Empowerment) movement are the co-creators Dr Lynn Irving, Julie Tasker and Rachel Elnaugh-Love who originally agreed to hold the ‘official positions’ of Leader and Treasurer, Nominating Officer and Campaigns Officer respectively ~ as required by the Electoral Commission.

However, now that we have ditched the Electoral Commission we will operate under a completely flat structure.  You can read our original ‘ManifestO’ (written by Dr Lynn Irving PhD as the starting point for discussion by candidates) here

To become a member of the LOVE Movement ~ and also to register your interest in standing as an Independent Candidate in the 2024 General Election, please complete the form below.

Although registration is FREE, once you have completed the form you’ll be invited to make a donation to support the 2024 General Election campaign costs.  There is absolutely no obligation to support the movement financially.