roger james

For MP of York Central

Ossett born roger has lived in York for the past 20 years and is standing in the next General Election as your MP to be a powerful voice for the People of York. In particular, as your MP, roger will ensure that York does not descend into a WEF controlled ’15minute city’.

Rog is passionate about Common Law and empowering the People to awaken to their personal Sovereignty, at a time when our rights have been eroded by Government and other ‘Authorities’. As an Independent, roger is not affiliated to any political party nor tied to any manifesto ~ so he can truly represent the desires and needs of the People.

You can meet roger on Saturday afternoons between 1pm and 5pm at The Beagle Pub, 169 Foxwood Lane, Acomb, YO24 3PG to discuss your issues and how he will be able to support you as your MP.

If you’d like to support his campaign you can also make a cash donation of up to £50 (donations of more than this are subject to the rules set out at )

Either make your donation in person to roger at The Beagle or send it via post to him at Flat 4, Saddlebrook Court, Herman Walk, York YO24 3NP.  Please be sure to include your name, address and contact details if your donation is more than £50!

To contact roger please email him at or call him on 07468 867175

For more information on witholding Council Tax in a Trust and to download a ‘Declaration of Sovereignty’ and Deed document please visit

IMPORTANT: Mayor of York and North Yorkshire

On 2 May 2024 the People of York are being invited to vote for a new Regional Mayor.  My colleague Rachel Elnaugh-LOVE (who was planning to stand for election as East Midlands Mayor, as she lives in Derbyshire) produced the two very insightful videos below after researching the new Combined County Authorities thoroughly.  Her warnings are just as relevant to the people of Yorkshire as they are for the people of Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire.

For the reasons set out in Rachel’s videos, I am recommending that we DO NOT CONSENT to the creation of this new layer of regional government nor a Regional Mayor.  If sufficient people spoil their ballot paper by writing I DO NOT CONSENT across it the Returning Officer must take note and declare all those spoiled ballots.