The essay below was written by our Leader Dr Lynn Irving PhD and embellished by co-founders Julie Tasker and Rachel Elnaugh.  

It was designed to be a starting point for discussion amongst the LOVE Party Members ~ which took place on Thursday 23 February 2023.

We’re now in the process of distilling the Members’ feedback and comments into a simple-to-read and understand ManifestO which will form the basis of our campaign literature. 


As we move from the old into the new era we can look back at how we got here and forward to a future that is full of incredible possibility. The past is our great teacher. From it we can cherry pick the concepts that were most beautiful, most effective, most joyful and we can learn what led to misery, oppression and dysfunction. We can also learn solutions from those how faced situations similar to our own. We are blessed that we do not have to invent the wheel, we simply have to pick the strongest and most elegant spokes.

In the past, throughout the world, many ideologies, religions, methods of organising society have been tried. In the end they have served those imposing them and the People have found themselves serving these imposters and their ideas rather than being served by them. We find ourselves today in a situation where the structures put in place to serve us have become monsters that demand we serve them. Government, our servant, is demanding that we submit to its rules and regulations, give up our Sovereignty and call it master. The NHS, there to protect us when we are most vulnerable, is demanding we protect it to the detriment of our own lives. Our education system requires attendance for its own sake to justify its existence rather than ensuring our children are indeed learning.

The Police, there to protect individuals have almost totally switched to protecting themselves and other institutions from the People. We are increasingly asked to submit to ludicrous rules for the ‘good’ of Society ~ forgetting that the purpose of Society is for the good of the individuals.

Government’s purpose is to Protect and Serve.

It has increasingly not succeeded, and indeed does not have the will to succeed in these functions. A population of empowered individuals diminishes the importance of those in Government and reduces their roles. It also is not motivated to provide protection. People in fear are far more easy to control and therefore it serves the Government to keep the population unprotected from crime and indeed to commit its own crimes against us; its time is spent working out convoluted methods to ensure they and their partners (supranational, corporate, charity, institutional) are unable to be identified as culpable.

Never before have we had such a huge Government involvement in our lives and never before has the individual been so disempowered. If we have learnt anything, it is that more government does not equate to a more fulfilled, happy life. As Government has increased its role, taking over functions previously carried out by individuals, communities, businesses, charities, religious organisations, we have seen with corresponding clarity that Government is actually not in a position to carry out these functions. So far, rather than relinquish the functions and return them to those better suited, Government has changed the functions to fit what it can provide – basically changing useful functions into tedious bureaucracy. It has also handed roles out to others: supranational organisations, NGO’s, local councils, corporations, regulatory bodies and then washed its hands of responsibility for their ineffectiveness.   The Government has created an opaque tangle of roles and responsibilities that ensures nobody ‘working on behalf of the People’ is responsible or accountable for carrying out any function effectively.

Snapshots from the past show us how ineffective and undesirable the current state of affairs is. Of course each era has its darker side, but that does not detract from what was working well.

For example: In the ‘Fifties, a family could have a home, a car, domestic goods, good education and health care, no debt with only one wage earner. This is quite a contrast to a family today, both adults working yet failing to make ends meet, burdened with debt, trapped into using an inadequate health and education system.

For example: We now buy antique garden tools, crockery, furniture and utensils as they are more robust, more beautifully made, individual and so more fit for our use and we are not funding oppressive corporatocracy or slave labour in foreign factories. We can learn from the craftmanship, the pride in the work, the true sustainability of buying things that last and maintain their beauty, from genuine recycling and reusing.

For example: Up until 1913 Americans kept all their earnings. Despite this America had schools, roads, colleges, vast railroads, subways, an Army and Navy. What additionally has all tax on income achieved?

For example: Medieval peasants worked only a bout 150 days a year. The Church believed it was important to keep them happy with mandatory holidays. Most people now have less holiday than a medieval peasant and it is not difficult to suppose from statistics and headlines that many are not as happy.

For example: In the 1970’s if ill, a doctor would visit your home within an hour and call back to check up. In spite of record borrowing and taxes and the highest salaried doctors ever, it is now difficult to arrange even a phone call within the same week.

For example: THIS is not the first time that this country has endured tyranny. Fortunately for us today, in 1945 our forefathers settled the matter once and for all.

For example: The Great Charter of 1215 (The Magna Carta) protects the People’s unalienable rights ~ including the Right to a Trial by Jury which has the power of annulment over any legislation.  Yet how many of us are aware of these rights or advised of them by the Legal System?   Clearly, a population correctly schooled in their constitutional history would present a solid, impenetrable defence against overreach, whether governmental or parliamentarian, by those who claim mastery.


What is clear is that our forebears had lived experience of tyranny, and that experience gave them the wherewithal to protect future generations from repeating that experience.

However, that knowledge and the tools to resist have suffered from what might be described as constitutional entropy; in brief, we forgot. Much like the Renaissance was the rediscovery of prior knowledge, today we have to relearn the basis upon which we agree to be governed, and be properly armed with awareness of our Common Law Rights.

The knowledge that neither your government nor parliament is permitted to cause you harm is the most powerful weapon we can use, as it would undo much that they have done. How much legislation would stand up to scrutiny by a populace armed with an understanding of their constitutional rights?

Likely little, if any of the more recent disgraceful bills passed as legislation were to answer the question of harm.


Our Philosophy

When we remember that love for people as the unique, beautiful, creative individuals they are is the guiding principle, it is not difficult to define that the role of Government is to hold the space for the individual to, not just live, but thrive. Government is there to protect and empower individuals to live their best lives. No dogma or ideology is needed. Does the action benefit individuals without causing harm or infringing the rights of others?

There is no need to divide Government into arbitrary and isolated areas of policy. People are not split into education, health, finance and so on – they are integrated organic beings with each ‘part’ affecting and being affected by the whole. Health begins with real education, financial circumstances, being able to provide for basic needs, family circumstances, safety, community cohesion.



~ To co-create a population of individuals able to look after themselves and a Society that supports and grows individuals to be happier, freer, more accomplished, more comfortable than they could achieve by themselves.

~ To ensure Britons are always free, top-down Government and the powerful institutions and monolithic corporations will be replaced by local businesses and systems that grow organically, protected from globalist self-interest and freed from suffocating micromanagement.

~ To encourage a life-long love of learning by liberating education from the constrictions of the state. Everyone is an individual and can choose the education that suits them best. Learning is not the preserve of one age group and can be enjoyed throughout life

~ To have empowered confident individuals, self-sufficient insofar as they desire to be, and with access to goods, skills and services that they are not yet able, or choose not to possess themselves.

~ To encourage and support the role of the Mother in raising loved and nurtured children

~ To encourage and support a return to Nature and Holistic Living for true vitality and well-being rather than the current dependency on Big Pharma (which is heavily invested in sick people rather than true healing).  The primary responsibility for health and healing is with the individual and a range of healing modalities is available when needed. With an independent examination of all the ‘accepted’ science, we would be in a good position to self-treat many conditions and intervene before physical symptoms manifest. It is the responsibility of all of us to maintain our physical, mental, spiritual health.  For Government to mandate any measure or protocol is a massive overreach. In cases of trauma and emergency the Government can provide the safety net.

~ To judge the success of measures taken by the happiness of the People.

~ To reduce tax by reducing the necessity of state provision by empowering individuals and communities and freeing people and business to create their own solutions. We will have succeeded when it is truly a privilege to pay tax (people feel wealthy enough and are proud to support the work).

~ To allow the organic redevelopment of healthy communities with strong cohesion and low rates of population movement. These are the best defence against top down decisions that are detrimental to us.

~ To bring heart, soul and compassion back into the Police, Justice and Prison system via awareness that the root of all conflict and violence lies in unresolved trauma. To recognise the possibility for healing and rehabilitation throughout the entire process.

~ To be nationally self-sufficient in everything, whilst enjoying trade with other countries.

~ To protect our borders until such time as the rest of the world is an equally desirable place to live. Whilst freedom of travel is the ultimate goal, unseen forces in collusion are creating an insidious invasion here whilst causing displacement of populations elsewhere. National Governments’ role is to protect the people of the nation, not to cooperate with those destroying communities for their own ends.

~ To allow Britain to show its true beauty in all things. To preserve that which is most beautiful. To have elegant public buildings and shared spaces that inspire us and to which the rest of the world aspires. To replace ugly with beautiful where possible. Planning decisions require a demonstration of enhancement to the area and a demonstration that there is no detraction from the quality of life of others. To encourage the arts. To value craftsmanship. To incentivise community living and self-sufficiency.

~ To create a Nation that, with an ever-increasing quality of life, will still be a source of wonder and pride even for our grandchildrens’ grandchildren.

~ To preserve our green spaces and increase the green space available to all people. To work with landowners to ensure rights of access are protected and extended, without detriment to crops, livestock and property and with benefits to the landowners for providing the service.  To appreciate that ultimately we are ALL part of Nature and that it is possible for mankind to live in harmony with eco-systems.

~ To encourage individual enterprise and financial independence. To provide employment to those who need an income. To ensure those employed by the state are doing genuinely beneficial tasks that enhance the wealth of the nation.

~ To allow alternatives to the car to develop and prove their worth. As horse drawn vehicles were replaced by cleaner, more efficient, faster, more comfortable alternatives, so the car can be similarly replaced by genuine engineering progress.

~ To create a financial system that discourages and minimizes the need for debt. Debt has enslaved much of the population. Protecting salaries for fear of losing homes was in no small part responsible for the completely blind compliance with tyranny by many. Debt availability has encouraged massive inflation of prices, especially for houses. With a decentralized currency backed by real assets such as gold, there is limited availability of debt. Low tax and the elimination of monopolies should reduce the cost of living and therefore the need for debt.

~ To ensure cash is always an accepted payment method. To allow other currencies and accept tax payment in any currency, freeing people to trade as they will. To shift the balance of trade away from online and into communities.

~ To ensure old age is a peaceful and comfortable time when people are able to prepare themselves spiritually for their transition from this life. To encourage people to make provisions for old age. To ensure communities are able to look after their elderly in their own homes, or if desired, in a communal home. End of Life care to be the epitome of compassion and as far as possible in accordance with the wishes of the individual.

~ To ensure animals are treated with respect and compassion. Vivisection is presumed to be unnecessary, of no benefit and is not permitted – prove that presumption wrong if you really need to harm animals. Animal exports for meat are banned as there are excellent refrigeration options, Farmed animals have their basic needs provided for and are given the space to roam that ensures they are free from stress. Slaughter is carried out on site without the need for transport to and trauma of an abattoir. There is consultation across cultures to ensure the least traumatic method of slaughter is used. Cruelty to animals results in custodial sentence,

~ To ensure agricultural practices are beneficial to the environment and biodiversity, and produce healthy clean food, to ensure Britain is self-sufficient in food. To minimise and eventually eliminate the use of agrochemicals. To encourage individuals and communities to produce a greater proportion of their food. To ensure everyone has access to a healthy, clean diet. We are all individuals and have different dietary needs and digestive abilities. For this reason no particular diet is endorsed. To ensure farmers are paid a fair price for their produce that allows high standards and an income that reflects the expertise, unsocial hours and risks farmers are exposed to.

~ To investigate government spending and recoup any money defrauded from the taxpayer by corporations, particularly during the years 2020-2023. To organise a repayment plan for all previous bank payouts. To investigate causes of devaluation of currency and inflation. Any money transferred from people in this way is subject to investigation and possible confiscation. To recover costs of harm caused, environmental, health and social, from corporations responsible. To investigate government malpractice in issuing contracts.


Let us LIBERATE ourselves from Government over-reach and the influence of unelected big Corporate interests. Let us create OPPORTUNITY for all the People regardless of their age or means.  Let us encourage health and VITALITY rooted in holistic living and transform the NHS into a Natural Healing Service.  Let us EMPOWER everyone to live a fulfilling and happy life.


Some simple ways we can take back our Power right now…

It is beyond the scope of Government to decide how we should live, learn and earn. We can only trust that, with freedom and opportunity, people will choose a fulfilling and healthy life. What if everyone in society were to:

~ Eat clean, unprocessed food

~ Learn to read, write, perform basic calculations

~ Learn a craft or trade so they can do some things around the home for themselves, and have a skill they can sell/share

~ Join in energy raising activities such as communal singing or dancing

~ Do something each day that pushes them out of their comfort zone

~ Learn a healing modality so they can maintain good health

~ Have a daily spiritual practice

~ Spend time in Nature

~ Find a way to contribute to their wider community

~ Exercise each day

~ Develop a habit of life-long learning

~ Produce at least some of their own food, either individually or as part of local community initiatives

~ Learn to cook

~ Have more than one method for heating and cooking

~ Have investments that generate income and minimize reliance on employment

~ Increase awareness of their Common Law Rights


We look forward to discussing the above with you!


Lynn,  Julie & Rachel x

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